Rent Guarantee Program

Protect Your Property and Secure Your Rental Income!

Are you worried about your tenant not paying rent or damaging your property?

Even the best tenants may sometimes have difficulty making their rent payments, or may damage your property.

A delinquent tenant can cost the average Canadian landlord $60,000 or more in lost rent, property damage and legal fees.

Thankfully, our Rent Guarantee protects landlords from these unforeseen events.

Rent Guarantee Benefits

Guaranteed Rental Income

Your rent is always paid - even when tenants do not pay! For up to 12 Months or $60,000

Property Damage Protection

You are covered against vandalism or damage – up to $10,000

Eviction and Legal Coverage

All eviction costs are covered including paralegal, court and bailiff fees.

Did you know?

Average damage to a rental property by tenants is $4,500 - based on analysis of eviction cases across Canada

Rent Guarantee Program Includes

Guaranteed Rental Income

Your rent is guaranteed for up to 12 months or $60,000 - even if your tenants do not pay!

Early Move & New Tenant Locate Coverage

In some instances tenant break their lease due to unforeseen circumstances without proper notice - with Rental Guarantee Program, your income is covered and we'll find you a new tenant = at no additional cost to you. 

Property Damage Protection

We cover damage to your property due to vandalism by tenants for up to $10,000.

Delinquency Resolution

Our paralegal team will mediate with problem tenants including eviction if necessary – at no additional cost to you!

Credit and Background Check

Our Tenant Credit & Background Check is included to help you find the right tenants.

Will Your Tenants Qualify?

We approve most tenants, as long as the tenant is employed and has sufficient income to afford the rent. We can approve both new and mid-lease tenants!

How Do You Sign Up?

To enroll in the program, we only need the tenant’s Credit Report and Proof of Income (paystub, employment letter, T4, etc.).

For mid-lease tenants, we just need proof of past rent payment.

What Is The Cost?

For pricing info, please reach out to us today!