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What happens at the end of my lease?

Please note that your lease does not automatically terminate on completing your 1-year fixed-term lease. You are welcome to stay in the unit and your lease automatically transitions to a monthly tenancy.

Whether you are departing at the end of your lease or some later date, you are required to give 60 Days’ Written Notice via N9 form.

Here’s how that looks: If you pay rent on the 1st of each month. If the last day of your 1-year fixed-term lease is August 31, you would need to give notice before July 2nd to terminate on August 31st.

If you missed the July 2nd deadline and gave notice on July 31st, your earliest possible termination date would be September 30th.

Once your notice of termination is given, you must allow prospective tenants (with agents) to view the rented premises, given reasonable notice. The unit must be kept in clean and orderly condition and containment of pets will be your responsibility.

You will be given brochures along with your lease delineating the specifics.

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How do I end my lease?

This lease is a fixed-term tenancy, the landlord and tenant agree that the tenancy will last for one year and the agreement includes the start and end date. The landlord will provide a rental unit for the full year and the tenant must pay rent for the full year. 

Should you want to break the lease before the end of the agreement there are costs and fees associated for which you are responsible. These will be addressed in your lease.

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